Campagne tegen Wapenhandel in a nutshell

The Campagne tegen Wapenhandel (Campaign against Arms Trade) is a small, politically independent organisation founded in Amsterdam in 1998 to address one of the root causes of war: arms production and arms trade. The core of our work is researched-based campaigning. We discover and publish facts and figures about arms trade and arms industry. We campaign against arms export to poor countries, undemocratic regimes and countries in conflict areas. We oppose public funding of arms trade and arms production.

We work both on the Dutch as on the European level and network with media, peace and solidarity activists, likeminded NGO's and politicians. We are very active in the independent European Network Against Arms Trade.

What we want

* Campagne tegen Wapenhandel aims for a strick intepretation of the EU Common Position on the Export of Military Goods and technology.
* Campagne tegen Wapenhandel wants to end financial support to arms trade and arms production by Export Credit Agencies, governments and EU funds, banks and pension funds.
* Campagne tegen Wapenhandel wants to counter the influence of arms industry lobby on the political agenda in Europe and its Member States.

We publish Dutch as well as English research reports and articles. Because we think information about arms trade should be transparent, we publish our information on our website and Facebook pages.

2005: protest at  ITEC arms fair 2006: protest at bank office against financing of arms export 2007: demonstration against Joint Strike Fighter

Thanks to stubborn campaigning the arms control and transparency of information on Dutch arms exports has increased. Still the Netehralnds is the 7th biggest global arms exporter.

The Dutch state itself is a big arms exporter also and delivers high-quality second hand equipement all over the world. Second hand Dutch military equipment turned up in Bahrain and Egypt during the Arab Spring, when civilian protesters were confronted by army and security forces.

2008: Schiphol airport against arms to Israel

2010: picketline at arms industry conference 2011: at EADS shareholders meeting

The Campagne tegen Wapenhandel is a low budget organisation with no government support. Thans to our many supporters and small foundations we are able to coninue our work against arms trade.

You can support the Campagne tegen Wapenhandel with a donation on Triodos bank account NL11TRIO0390407380 att. Campagne tegen Wapenhandel, Amsterdam BIC = TRIONL2U

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