Finland continues cooperation with Israeli arms industry

Finland continues cooperation with Israeli arms industry. The Finnish company Insta DefSec has delivered missile technology to third generation Spike anti-tank missiles at least worth of 3.5 million euro after year 2002. The missile components were shipped to Israeli government owned Rafael Ltd. According the Finnish Ministry of Defense these components were installed to missiles which were delivered to Polish and UK militaries.

The information is part of the forthcoming Finnish arms trade report by peace and security organization Committee of 100 in Finland. Report also uncovered other companies’ cooperation with Israeli arms industry. For example the Finnish government owned Patria has cooperation with Elbit Systems and Mastsystem Int’l supplies mast to Avitan Electronics as parts of weapons systems.

One of the first arms industry deals between Finland and Israeli were made in the 1950’s when mortar manufacturer Solta founded in the Israel. Soltam was set up by Israeli Solel Boneh Ltd and Finnish Tampella. Tampella sold mortar technology license to Soltam and shipped old manufacturing machines to Israel. Soltam is now part of Mikal Group.

In addition Finland also imports arms from Israeli arms companies. The Finnish Defense Forces has bought unknown quantity of Spike missiles. Missiles were bought from German company SNT Atlas EuroSpike. Rafael is claimed holds 20 percent of company’s stakes via holding firm in the Netherlands. The Finnish army also bought military electronics and software from Israeli EFI Telecom at least worth of 21 million USD during the last nine-years.

Jarmo Pykälä