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Capitalist crisis and European defense industry

Friedensforum, November 2010 by Wendela de Vries -- The global top 20 of arms producers ranks 4 European companies on high positions. Leading is British BAE Systems (former British Aerospace). lees meer »

Rhetoric or restraint: Trade in military equipment under the EU transfer control system. - November 2010

EU member states claim a leading role in arms trade contol, but new research shows a systemaic violation of their own export rules. This report presents several cases where economic profits or political interests overrules the EU arms export control system. After publication of this report question were asked in Dutch parliament and European parliament. lees meer »

Potentially powerful: The European Defence Agency at five years

14.07.2009 - EUOBSERVER / COMMENT - Most Europeans have probably never heard of the European Defence Agency,  lees meer »

Potentially powerful; The European Defence Agency at five years. - mei 2009

Published by Campagne tegen Wapenhandel & Transnational Institute, May 2009--  Five years after its creation, the European Defence Agency (EDA) is still no more than a potential vehicle for a common European Defence Policy. lees meer »

From Venus to Mars

European space policy is increasingly defined by military priorities. The report 'From Venus to Mars: the European Union's steps towards the militarisation of space' is published on the occasion of the EU summit on the European Space Agency (ESA), November 2008.   lees meer »

From Venus to Mars: the European Union´s steps towards the militarisation of space - november 2008

European space policy is increasingly driven by military rather than civilian objectives, according to a new report, released The report is released on the eve of the European Space Agency (ESA) Ministerial meeting in The Hague, which will set new objectives and budgets for the agency. lees meer »

Good conduct? Ten years of the EU Code of Conduct on Arms Exports - juni 2008

Ten years after the launch of the EU Code of Conduct on Arms Exports the policy document is in need of revision, say eight European NGO's in a common report.  The Code cannot handle the reality of today's globalised arms trade and is still not a legally-binding agreement. The Code of Conduct on Arms exports must be seen as a first step. lees meer »

EU NGO submission to COARM

EU NGO submission to COARM on harmonisation among EU Member States on end-use and post-export controls, May 2008   lees meer »

Defensie op de vrije markt?

(Uit: Vredesmagazine, voorjaar 2008 - Wendela de Vries en Frank Slijper) Voor overheidsaanbestedingen binnen de Europese Unie gelden strikte procedures en is het stellen van andere dan puur commerciële voorwaarden (b.v. milieuvoorwaarden of sociale voorwaarden) vrijwel geheel verboden. In de vrije EU-markt wordt de vrijheid tot fatsoenlijk sociaal gedrag aanzienlijk beperkt. Tot nu toe werden defensieaankopen van deze regels uitgezonderd. Maar op dit moment doet de Europese Commissie pogingen om de Europese defensiemarkt ook in de rigide vrije markt van de EU te persen. lees meer »

Policy briefing

Februari 2008 - Policy briefing van Campagne tegen Wapenhandel met betrekking tot de “Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Simplifying Terms and Conditions of Transfers of Defence-related Products within the Community” lees meer »

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