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Good conduct? Ten years of the EU Code of Conduct on Arms Exports - juni 2008

Ten years after the launch of the EU Code of Conduct on Arms Exports the policy document is in need of revision, say eight European NGO's in a common report.  The Code cannot handle the reality of today's globalised arms trade and is still not a legally-binding agreement. The Code of Conduct on Arms exports must be seen as a first step. lees meer »

The devil is in the detail - februari 2008

An international ban on cluster ammunition would end great human suffering caused by these inhuman weapons. A number of countries however, including The Netherlands, tries to limit the scope of the international Treaty on Cluster Weapons. lees meer »

Analysis of Dutch arms exports 2006

The Netherlands strengthens its position as major arms exporter, with export licenses worth over one billion euro. There is clearly an increasing trend in Dutch arms exports over the past ten years, and especially the last four years. Sales of surplus defence material have played a key role in this trend. lees meer »

Arms trade and military cooperation with Israel - september 2007 - english summary

Mark Akkerman, October 2007 - Wapenhandel en militaire samenwerking met Israel - English summary Dutch policy on arms trade with Israel is ambiguous. On the one hand, there is a lees meer »

Project Butter Factory: Henk Slebos and the A.Q. Khan nuclear network - september 2007

The full story of Henk Slebos’s role in the A.Q Khan nuclear network and the failure of the Dutch non-proliferation policy. lees meer »

European reseach Export Credits and Arms Trade - juli 2007

European governments provide insurances for the export to economical of political instable countries. In a common research in 11 countries the European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT) exposes how all over Europe about one third of all export credits is used for military exports, often at the expense of other kinds of products. lees meer »

Financing misery with public money - May 2007

European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT) research into the financing of arms exports by governments through export credit agencies. Popular version. lees meer »

The arms industry and the EU Constitution - januari 2006

For the past five years, after decades of inactivity, a common foreign, defence and security policy in the EU has been developing at amazing speed. lees meer »

The Emerging EU Military-Industrial Complex; Arms Industry Lobbying in Brussels - May 2005

Over the last few years, the arms industry ahs increasingly pressured high-ranking officials and parliamentarians in Brussels and in national capitals. lees meer »

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