Capitalist crisis and European defense industry

Friedensforum, November 2010 by Wendela de Vries -- The global top 20 of arms producers ranks 4 European companies on high positions. Leading is British BAE Systems (former British Aerospace). lees meer »

Hidden actor - The democratic deficit of the European Defence Agency

Paper presented by Frank Slijper at UACES conference, University of Bruges, 6-8 September 2010 lees meer »

Peace activists as defence industry shareholders

Wendela de Vries War Profiteers’ News no.24/june 2010 lees meer »

EU militarization and the Treaty of Lisbon

Kees Kalkman - VD AMOK (Netherlands) Lecture for ENAAT Meeting May 2010 lees meer »

Strategic morality The relationship between political aims, military strategy and military technology

Karel Koster, Research department Socialist Party Netherlands Lecture for the ENAAT meeting may 2010 lees meer »

22-25 januari 2010 Nonviolent Livelihood Struggle and Global Militarism

Ahmedabad, India, 22 - 25 Januari 2010. Workshop by Wendela de Vries lees meer »

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