Lobbyists in Arms - The Role of Corporate Interest Groups in the EU Military-Industrial Complex

Spectrezine, January 18, 2011 14:59 | Malte Lühmann

Lobbying as usual?

The incremental integration of military, security and armament issues into the framework of the European Union has reached its newest culmination point in the Lisbon Treaty, codifying the role of the EU as a military power. The road towards a unified military Europe has already been long and the present state is still far from reaching the final goal. However, recent decades have seen the emergence of a powerful military-industrial complex in the Union, comprising of a common foreign and security policy (CFSP), an armaments agency coordinating arms procurement throughout Europe (EDA), and a powerful arms industry including four of the ten largest arms-producing companies in the world. In addition, after the attacks of September 11th 2001 a domestic homeland-security industry has emerged and the EU established a security research program worth over € 1 billion.