Arms dealers emerge big winners in Europe’s refugee crisis

Preeti John, The Wire (India), 4 July 2016 - According to a new research report by the Transnational Institute, firms that provide Europe with security infrastructure to deal with the refugee influx are among the biggest arms sellers to the areas of conflict that have the largest outflow of migrants. [...]
As European countries try to ‘secure’ their border, a new report has revealed one sector has continued to benefit from the refugee crisis – military and security companies that provide European countries with their basic security infrastructure. The soon-to-be-released report, ‘Border Wars: The Arms Dealers Profiting From Europe’s Refugee Tragedy’, authored by Mark Akkerman of Stop Wapenhandel and published by Transnational Institute, details how these companies have profited by “actively encouraging a growing securitisation of Europe’s borders, and [are] willing to provide ever more draconian technologies to do this”. [...]