'Burning up our future': How climate crisis is triggering increasing displacement

Benjamin Bathke, InfoMigrants, 17 September 2019 - Migration caused by natural disasters and violent conflict is on the rise: In the first half of 2019 alone, more than 10 million new people lost their homes due to extreme weather and political instability. Humanitarians and activists are warning of a "climate apartheid" and an "unprecedented" threat to human rights. [...]

Although it's not clear how many people exactly will be uprooted by the climate crisis, the number of 'climate migrants' is predicted to increase. "Climate change is one of those factors [causing immigration to Europe to increase]," Mark Akkerman of Dutch anti-arms trade organization Stop Wapenhandel recently told DW. "I think the EU definitely does take that into account even if they don't say it out loud at the moment." [...]