France’s Undocumented Migrants Are Fighting for Their Rights

Harrison Stetler, The Nation, 31 December 2019 - n the evening of December 18, migrant collectives and their allies gathered at Place de la République in Paris to commemorate the 19th annual International Migrants Day. Car traffic thronged the roundabout as well as the avenues and streets leading to and from the square. [...]

European nations have created a web of partnerships and semi-alliances to stop the flow of migrants from the Middle East and Africa. In Expanding the Fortress, a 2018 report from the Transnational Institute, Mark Akkerman describes this process in detail as the “externalization” of the old continent’s borders. Outsourcing the control of their frontiers, European nations are enlisting states and power-holders from Turkey to Niger, conditioning development aid, and offering money and weapons in exchange for their service as auxiliaries in the battle against illegal migration. [...]