Experts around the globe told us 10 ways to make migration policy more humane

Maite Vermeulen and Nabeelah Shabbir, The Correspondent, 25 February 2020 - People have to leave their countries for economic reasons or for survival. Could they find it easier to do so if the laws were clearer, if public support was catered to, if there was more focus on temporary labour conditions... here are some more solutions. [...]

“Migration is a threat”

Not true.

However, the European military and security industry would like you to believe it is. Researcher Mark Akkerman pointed out that companies make huge profits from the growing border security market. At the same time, they exert “significant influence in the development of European migration policies, by successfully pushing the underlying narrative of framing migration as a threat, a security problem. Challenging this narrative would be an important step [to] changing EU policies.” [...]