'Netherlands exports too many weapons'

www.RNW.nl, 9 November 2010 - In its annual report, the Campagne tegen de Wapenhandel (Campaign against the Arms Trade), or CtW, shows that last year Dutch arms exports increased by 12 percent  to a total amount of 1.41 billion euros. The organisation says many of these weapons went to controversial countries and to dictatorships. CtW argues that it is high time the Netherlands became more cautious in granting export licenses for weapon shipments.

“Even though Dutch arms export policies demand the government take a critical look at the human rights situation in the country of destination, as well as any possible internal and regional tensions, this has proved no obstacle to selling weapons to clearly problematic destinations like Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.”

CtW says that Morocco, which bought three warships for 555 million euros, is the Netherlands main customer. Other important customers are the United States, (178 million), Germany (149 million), Canada (85 million) and Turkey (66 million).

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Arms exports rise 12% in 2009

Tuesday 09 November 2010

Dutch weapon exports rose 12% to €1.4bn in 2009, according to the latest report from the Campaign against the Arms Trade.


Shipbuilder Damen Schede and the defence ministry are the main beneficiaries, the organisation said.


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'Dutch Weapons Exports Continue to Rise'

GRONINGEN, 10/11/10 - The Netherlands exported weapons worth 1.41 billion
euros last year, up 12 percent from 2008, according to the annual report of the Dutch Campaign against Arms Trade (CTW) published yesterday.

"Contrary to the spirit of the (export) policy, large quantities of weapons are still going to dictators, conflict areas and developing countries," the anti-defence lobby organisation says. "Although Dutch arms export policy demands a critical view of the human rights situation and internal and regional efforts in the destination country, this is no obstacle to sales to clearly problematic destinations such as Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia," CTW says.