Hidden actor - The democratic deficit of the European Defence Agency

Paper presented by Frank Slijper at UACES conference, University of Bruges, 6-8 September 2010 lees meer »

14-15 May 2009 Potentially powerful; The European Defence Agency at five years

Frank Slijper Presentation at the conference “Militarism: Political Economy, Security, Theory”, University of Sussex lees meer »

Europe should pool its defence resources

"To transform our militaries into more flexible, mobile forces, and to enable them to address the new threats, more resources for defence and more effective use of resources are necessary." Solana in lees meer »

EDA To Take Charge of EU Defense Research Groups

(Brooks Tigner, Defense News, 22 April 2005) lees meer »

Europees Wapen Agentschap in de Grondwet

Europees Wapen Agentschap in de Grondwet lees meer »

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