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Our publications can be downloaded for free, because Stop Wapenhandel wants information on arms trade and military industry to be freely available. Howerev, research does cost money. Therefor we ask for a voluntary contribution in the costs à € 10,- on our account NL11TRIO0390407380 BIC = TRIONL2U for Stop Wapenhandel, Amsterdam   lees meer »

Anti-migratie-industrie, financiers en mensenrechten

9 april 2021 - Het rapport 'Financing Border Wars: The border industry, its financiers and human rights' van Stop Wapenhandel en TNI onderzoekt de wereldwijde anti-migratie-industrie en de grootste investeerders in de 23 belangrijkste betrokken bedrijven uit Europa, Australië en de VS. Daarnaast brengt het rapport de risico's voor mensenrechten onder de aandacht. lees meer »

Position paper EU export control

The European Union is the second largest arms exporter in the world after the US. But although EU member states have agreed on a legally binding Common Position for the Export of Military Goods and Technology, in which the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is integrated, European weapons are still being sold to countries involved in war or armed conflict or violating human rights. What can we do? Position paper EU export control lees meer »

Fossil wars, arms trade and climate justice

It is evident that climate change has an impact on safety. Wars usually have multiple causes and climate change reinforces existing tensions. Military planners are investigating what this means for military tasks and deployability. In their language, climate change is a 'threat multiplier'. However, defining climate change as a security problem has consequences for the kind of solutions that are being sought. If we demand climate justice and an end to the fossil fuel economy, we cannot avoid the question what role the armed forces should or should not play in this transformation. Read the report Fossil wars, arms trade and climate justice lees meer »

EU money for arms industry 2020-2027

The EU is investing heavily in building joint military capabilities and in further military cooperation within the EU. This will be reflected in the coming budget period, which runs from 2021 to 2027. This 2 page paper gives an overview of the most important funds and instruments from which the military and security industry can expect money in the coming years. Read here. lees meer »

Research report: Tax evasion and weapon production

Letterbox arms companies in the Netherlands December 2015 update november 2018 - Many arms companies use the Netherlands for tax evasion constructions, writes Stop Wapenhandel in a research report published today. Seven out of the ten biggest global arms companies have tax constructions in the Netherlands. lees meer »

Factsheet European money for the arms industry

Of all plans to achieve more European defence cooperation recently presented by European Commission, plans to finance the arms industry are the most concrete and are implemented fast. The policy is developed in close cooperation with the arms industry. lees meer »

Combat proven - Military reations between Israel and the Netherlands - english summary

Research report june 2016 - ENGLISH SUMMARY - Through arms sales and military cooperation with Israel, the Netherlands profit from Israeli knowledge that is obtained by the illegal occupation of Palestinian area’s and violations of human rights. lees meer »

Israeli arms industry and arms export - lecture

July 2016 Stop Wapenhandel organised, together with the Students for Justice in Palestine and DocP, a lecture evening on the military relations between the Netherlands and Israel. Key note speech of the evening was delivered by the Israeli researcher and journalist Shir Hever. Shir Hever is working for the Palestine-Israeli research bureau Alternative Information Center (AIC) and is investigating the Israeli defense industry and defense export policy. Watch his lecture here.     .. lees meer »

Border Wars: The arms dealers profiting from refugee tragedy

07/2016 The European arms industry, involved in selling arms to the Middle East, is the same one now profiting from militarising EU’s borders, reveals a new report researched by the Dutch NGO Stop Wapenhandel and published by Transnational Institute. lees meer »

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