Dutch exports

Country Report for the ENAAT meeting in Berlin, June 2012

Over the past year we have been busy with a number of issues, with the main ones listed below. Outreach EADS: lees meer »

Report on the Netherlands for ENAAT, Helsinki June 2011

The Campagne tegen Wapenhandel still consists of 3 people: Mark Akkerman and Wendela de Vries in Amsterdam, Frank Slijper in Groningen. We work closely together with the editors of the Dutch VredesMagazine (Kees Kalkman, AMOK) and with Martin Broek who is now a freelance journalist investigator. lees meer »

Dutch arms trade policies May 2009 - May 2010

Overviews and analyses of the Dutch arms export, defense industry and national arms export policy, written on behalf of the European Network Against Arms Trade meeting in Amsterdam May 2010 lees meer »

Campaigning against arms trade in the Netherlands

Report on Dutch arms trade and policy 2009 for ENAAT meeting Barcelona.  Also read the research report Analysis of Dutch arms trade 2008 lees meer »

Arms Trade Report the Netherlands April 2007 -June 2008

ENAAT Meeting Oslo, June 7-8 2008 Business as usual lees meer »

Arms Report the Netherlands June 2003-June 2004

ENAAT-Meeting June 5-6, 2004 Brno, Czech Republic lees meer »

Country Report Dutch Arms Trade October 2002 - June 2003

Martin Broek / Frank Slijper ENAAT-Meeting June 28, 2003 Amsterdam, the Netherlands lees meer »

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