British military relaions with Israel

Campaign Against Arms Trade has protested against arms exports to Israel since the Lebanon War in 2006. lees meer »

Finnish military relations with Israel

Committee of 100 in Finland investigates cooperation with israeli arms industry. lees meer »

French military relations with Israel

For an analysis of French-Israeli relations see France-Israel: From military to security cooperation June 2011 Rapports d’organisations internationales Qui arme Israël et le Hamas ? La paix pass(é)e par les armes? lees meer »

Greek military relations with israel

Weapon transport from US via Greece to Israel stopped. lees meer »

Irish military relations with israel

The Derry Anti War Coalition has asked the police to investigate Raytheon for war crimes. lees meer »

Spanish military relations with Israel

Centre Delas published an overview of Spanish-Israeli military relations lees meer »

Various: Weapons used on Freedom Flotilla, Drones, Special record unit IDF

In the May 31 2010 attack on the relief boats for Gaza Israeli special forces (Unit 13 - Shayetet 13) used European and American military material. lees meer »

On drones and the use of controversial weapons

All weapons used in a densely populated area are terrible. However, some weapons are forbidden under humanitarian law. lees meer »

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