Dutch military relations with Israel

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been a major transit ports for arms transfers (mainly ammunition and bullet parts) for many years. lees meer »

Belgian military relations with Israel

According to the Flemish minister of economic affairs Ceyens no weapons or components are exported to Israel, writes newspaper the Standaard. This can be doubted. lees meer »

British military relaions with Israel

Campaign Against Arms Trade has protested against arms exports to Israel since the Lebanon War in 2006. lees meer »

Finnish military relations with Israel

Committee of 100 in Finland investigates cooperation with israeli arms industry. lees meer »

French military relations with Israel

For an analysis of French-Israeli relations see France-Israel: From military to security cooperation June 2011 Rapports d’organisations internationales Qui arme Israël et le Hamas ? La paix pass(é)e par les armes? lees meer »

Greek military relations with israel

Weapon transport from US via Greece to Israel stopped. lees meer »

Irish military relations with israel

The Derry Anti War Coalition has asked the police to investigate Raytheon for war crimes. lees meer »

Spanish military relations with Israel

Centre Delas published an overview of Spanish-Israeli military relations lees meer »

Various: Weapons used on Freedom Flotilla, Drones, Special record unit IDF

In the May 31 2010 attack on the relief boats for Gaza Israeli special forces (Unit 13 - Shayetet 13) used European and American military material. lees meer »

On drones and the use of controversial weapons

All weapons used in a densely populated area are terrible. However, some weapons are forbidden under humanitarian law. lees meer »

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