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Response to the ETI Green Paper

Campagne tegen Wapenhandel, August 2006 by Frank Slijper. lees meer »

Europese defensie-industrie

Europese defensie-industrie Uit: 't Kan Anders juni 2006 lees meer »

Arming Big Brother: the EU's Security Research Programme

(Ben Hayes - TNI Briefing Series 1, April 2006) This Statewatch-TNI report examines the development of the security-industrial complex in Europe and in particular the development of the EU Security Research Programme (ESRP). Spawned by the military-industrial complex, the security-industrial complex has developed as the traditional boundaries between external security (military) and internal security (security services) and law enforcement (policing) have eroded. With the global market for technologies of repression more lucrative than ever in the wake of 11 September 2001, it is on a healthy expansion course. lees meer »

Comments on Consultation Paper on the Intra-Community Circulation of Products for the Defence of Member States

European Network Against Arms Trade, March 2006 -- This paper by the Directorate General Enterprises and Industry of the European Commission proposes a specific legislative instrument for defence markets, thereby paving the way for EU Member States to come to an agreement to weaken, or even abolish, the principle of prior authorisation with regard to the circulation of all defence-related products within the European Union. lees meer »

The emerging EU Military-Industrial Complex

After many years of ideas, but little substance, military developments in the European Union are currently moving forward faster than ever before. The incorporation of military issues in the EU Constitution and the creation of the European Defence Agency in particular are important milestones that have passed unnoticed for many people. Not so for the defence industry. Read the briefing paper 'The emerging EU Military-Industrial Complex' by Frank Slijper, TNI Briefing Series, May 2005. And a review from CAAT News.   lees meer »

Three reports on the European Consitution

In three reports the Campagne tegen Wapenhandel contributes to the discussion on a European Consitution which will be voted on by referendum in the Netherlands on Juni 1 2005. lees meer »

Europees Wapen Agentschap in de Grondwet

Iedereen die de discussie rond de Europese Grondwet een beetje volgt zal weten dat het hier niet om een grondwet, maar een politiek programma draait. In dit programma is ook militair beleid en de verdere ontwikkeling van de Europese defensie-industrie opgenomen. lees meer »


Grondwet Uit: 't Kan Anders, nr. 5 2005 lees meer »

7 argumenten TEGEN deze Grondwet

De Grondwet bekrachtigt een organisatie (het Europees Defensieagentschap) die de wapenindustrie moet stimuleren, terwijl van wapenexportcontrole in de Grondwet nergens sprake is. lees meer »

The European Union, the arms industry and the New War

Wendela de Vries, Nederlands Sociaal Forum, 28 november 2004 lees meer »

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