On supposed use of cluster munition in Gaza

From the secretariat of the Cluster Munition Coalition

14.01.2009 — As Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) we receive many questions on supposed use of cluster munitions in Gaza. There is much confusion about this in the media. So far we have not been able to receive confirmation on the use of cluster munitions by Israel in Gaza (nor of the use by Hamas of cluster munitions).

Images we have seen so far indicate the use of white phosphor and not of cluster munitions. According to international law white phosphor is forbidden as an attack weapon because it causes severe burns, however the use as smoke screen in non-densely populated areas is allowed.

The CMC is following the situation and the use of cluster munition closely.  

We call all parties to respect humanitarian law including the convention on cluster munition signed by 94 countries in December 2008 (not signed by Israel however)

If we have any proof of the use of cluster munition during the Gaza conflict we will not hesitate to address Israel on it.  

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