European military spending harms peace and the planet

Watch the recordings of the seminar on how growing European military spending is a threat to peace and the planet, and who are the main profiteers of the war economy, with the presentation of our data collection work on the top European arms companies for 2022. We also discussed how civil society could join forces to oppose the forthcoming increase in military spending, and fight for a better use of taxpayers’ money to respond to the real current challenges facing humanity, such as the climate crisis, pandemics, deforestation, floods, loss of biodiversity and many more.

An event organised by ENAAT (European Network Against Arms Trade) in cooperation with Stop Wapenhandel.

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European support to the arms industry – Laëtitia Sédou, ENAAT Brussels project (EU)
European military spending and arms industry in 2022 – Sam Perlo Freeman, CAAT UK
Military spending, arms export, conflict and climate – Chloé Meulewaeter, IPB/Centre Delás, Spain
Military spending versus climate spending – Wendela de Vries, Stop Wapenhandel Netherlands

European leaders, from French President Macron to the EU High representative Josep Borrell, are telling us that we have to enter a war economy, and that increased military spending and arms production are the only way to defend peace and protect European citizens from future “threats”, including climate change impact. Yet the increase in military spending in Europe, and the militarisation of the EU in particular, began long before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which serves primarily as a justification for accelerating a process already underway.
Peace movements and environmental organisations are increasingly aware that their struggles are converging, and that militarisation, climate change and environmental degradation are inextricably linked beyond the well-known oil wars. There cannot be decarbonization without global demilitarisation and reduction of military spending, in the same way that there cannot be peace without significantly reducing our impact on the environment and climate. Our planet can’t afford further militarization and warmongering. War costs us the Earth.

Steun Stop Wapenhandel