Wapens naar spanningsgebied: Jordaanse special forces – klant voor zwaar geschut uit Nederland

Wapens naar spanningsgebied:
Jordaanse special forces –
klant voor zwaar geschut uit Nederland

Het contract is gesloten en de kanonnen worden zeer waarschijnlijk geleverd tijdens de volgende Special Forces Tentoonstelling (SOFEX) in april 2004.
Zie Defense News 27/01/03 , p. 18

Press Release
January 22, 2003

Launching Sale of MOBAT Truck-mounted Howitzer to Jordan

RDM Technology B.V. (RDM) of the Netherlands and the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) have signed a contract for the supply of 18 MOBAT 105mm truck-mounted Howitzers, with an option for the supply of 20 more MOBAT guns. This contract is the launching order for the MOBAT artillery system, which development was started by RDM in 1996 as a private venture. All MOBAT guns will be delivered by RDM to JAF in 2004. This contract is the first export sale for a truck-mounted Howitzer and is an important milestone in the world wide trend from traditional artillery systems towards highly mobile, autonomous artillery systems with short response times.

Within the Jordan Armed Forces the MOBAT systems will be used by the Royal Special Operations Forces, a renowned elite unit that was founded and commanded by HRH King Abdallah II. Within the Special Forces MOBAT will replace an equal quantity of M102, 105mm towed Howitzers. The option of another 20 MOBAT systems is valid for a period of 2 years,. The impressive capabilities of MOBAT were demonstrated in Jordan in November last year, shortly after the SOFEX defence exhibition in Amman. This month the MOBAT prototype successfully participated in a military exercise of the JAF, again proving its accuracy, reliability, high rate of fire and short response times.

The MOBAT can be supplied on a wide range of 4 to 5 ton military truck, to Jordan the MOBAT platforms will be supplied on DAF YA4440, military trucks. The MOBAT artillery system was conceived by RDM out of the realisation that the ever-growing threat of fast and accurate counter-fire makes it more and more difficult to make use of the classic artillery batteries. A reaction to that threat is an increased requirement for mobility, enabling the systems to be relocated before counter-fire may have any effect, the so called ‘shoot & scoot’ tactics.

MOBAT stands for MOBile ArTillery. The core idea of this system is the combination of a relatively inexpensive 105mm artillery system mounted on a widely available standard 4×4, 4 ton truck, in combination with an accurate navigation and laying system.

RDM came to the conclusion that comparable developments based on the more obvious calibre 155 mm, will not easily lead to viable products, because size and cost of these systems will negatively affect their distinctive advantages when compared with the present generation self-propelled howitzers. The MOBAT is equipped with a 105mm, 33-cal. gun, which gives it a maximum firing range of 14.4 km with unassisted ammunition and 19.6 km with assisted ammunition. This weapon system is a proven concept that was designed by RDM in the early 90’s for its M101 upgrade package. The MOBAT weapon system is operated by an electric elevating and traversing drive. MOBAT achieves autonomous operating possibilities through the integration of the advanced Laser Inertial Navigation and Artillery Pointing Systems (LINAPS) from BAe Systems, which is also part of the supply to the JAF. LINAPS provides accurate navigation and positioning data, making it possible to fire each individual gun with great accuracy from any position.

One of the most important characteristics of MOBAT is the ability to come in and out of firing position quickly. Going into a firing position and firing the first round requires between 60s to 90s, departing the firing position requires only 30s. The demonstrated rate of fire is more than 12 rounds per minute. The envisaged applications of the MOBAT are in; replacing towed 105 mm artillery systems, filling the gap between towed artillery and self propelled howitzers by means of an affordable system, and finally providing a light and mobile artillery system for rapid deployment forces and peace keeping forces. Especially the accuracy of MOBAT in combination with low collateral damage effects of 105mm ammunition in comparison with 155mm ammunition, make MOBAT an ideal system for peace keeping and peace enforcing operations. Air mobility has been an important design requirement from the start, MOBAT is air-transportable in a C-130, and can be carried as a slung load underneath CH-47 Chinook and CH-53 helicopters.

In comparison with existing towed and self-propelled artillery systems MOBAT offers many advantages such as low cost, both as to the initial purchase as to the total life-cycle costs. MOBAT also combines a high mobility on land with air mobility. Other advantages are short response times, ease of operation and maintenance, a limited crew size (4 persons), adaptability to a wide range of all terrain vehicles, standard 105mm logistics and standard vehicle logistics.

RDM is excited that its vision on the future of artillery has materialised into a first contract for a new product, for a new customer. RDM firmly believes that this first MOBAT contract will be the first of many more to come. Furthermore, it confirms and secures RDM’s position as one of the leading artillery industries in the world.

Defense News
Oct 25, 2002

Jordan Considers Dutch Howitzer Purchase


The Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) soon may buy MOBAT 105mm truck-mounted howitzers from RDM Technology, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, company and Jordanian officials said.

“We are very close to signing the contract” with JAF for the sale of MOBAT, said Hans Blaauw, RDM’s general manager for marketing and sales, who described the gun as “the world�s first and only qualified 105mm truck-mounted howitzer.”

“JAF is interested in MOBAT and discussions for the purchase of a number of these guns have been under way for some time, but no final decision has yet been reached,” a high-ranking Jordanian officer said.

Both sides declined to say how many guns or how much money might be involved.
Contact Riad Kahwaji at rkahwaji@defensenews.com. See the full story in the Oct. 28-Nov. 3, 2002, issue of Defense News.

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