Some insights into COP 28: What is happening on the ground?

How does militarism escalate climate breakdown? What has antimilitarism got to do with climate justice?

From the exemption of military emissions from carbon reduction targets, to military spending as a driver of emissions and diverter of climate finance. From intensifying military forms of greenwashing to organised violence used to enforce ecocide and police environmental defenders… The links are many and in dire need of addressing.

Join us online on December 8th for an hour of informal conversation with activists on the ground at COP28. Live from Dubai, they will tell us about their efforts to move military issues up the climate agenda, and to foreground demilitarisation as a strategy for climate justice.

Dec.8 2023 18.00 GST (Dubai) 09.00 EST (East Coast) 15.00 CET (EU)

Register on Zoom here

With amongst others Nesmah Mansoor Ali (Yemeni Peace Track Initiative), Rula Asad (Syrian Female Journalists Network), and Deborah Burton (Tipping Point North South)

Steun Stop Wapenhandel