Three reports on the European Consitution

In three reports the Campagne tegen Wapenhandel contributes to the discussion on a European Consitution which will be voted on by referendum in the Netherlands on Juni 1 2005.

The Consitution gives explicit support for futher militarisation of the European Union and is therefor undesirable. Not because we are against Europe, but because we want another kind of Europe.

Report 1: Fundament voor de wapenindustrie
Report 2: Defensieagentschap en militair onderzoek
Report 3: Wapenlobby in Brussel

See also:

A Europe that can say ‘no’
(Praful Bidwai – Frontline, Volume 22 – Issue 12, 4 – 17 June 2005)
The current referenda on the European Union’s Constitution will decide whether Europe goes the American way, or develops a capacity for resisting neoliberalism and militarism.

US Defence industry concerned by possible French No
(Filipe Rufino – EUobserver, 27 May 2005)
A possible French “no” to the European Constitution referendum is causing some US defence industry chiefs concern.